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Pfizer was a little behind some of its peers in establishing local manufacturing in Russia, but it's on a roll now, having just announced its third deal in several years. It is hammering out an agreement with Russia’s NovaMedica for a new manufacturing plant., the platform for dermatological advice from leading physicians, conducted an international study on skin cancer to better understand the geographical and socio-economic factors which make incidences of the disease more common - and sometimes deadly - in certain regions more frequently than others.
The USA’s Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) has signed an agreement with Akrikhin, one of Russia’s largest drugmakers, on the establishment of production of its drugs at Akrikhin’s facilities in the Moscow region.
On June 16 Russian state health monitor Roszdravnadzor banned the sale of British Durex condoms. At the time Durex was the second most popular condom brand in Russia, after Contex.
SatRx LLC, a ChemRar company specializing in research and development in the fields of diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders, announced today the first market registration of its innovative drug for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, SatRx® (gosogliptin), in Russia.
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