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The electronic products developed by Clifar company are unique software solutions that will make your work easier, simpler and more effective.
Clifar Databases allow for rapid and accurate preparation of documents for registration or re-registration of drugs; assist in performing a competitive market analysis; ensure correct drawing up of documents for import and export of drugs, quality analysis and quality control; enables you to thoroughly investigate the "history" of preparation in RF and USSR.

Clifar-Drug Register
Clifar-Drug Register is a searchable database based on the National Drug Register. The reference book contains information on all registered and cancelled officinal drugs, food supplements, substances and additives. The system enables to search using over 30 parameters in any desired combination.

The program is instrumental for company workflow automation. The database comprises "Clifar-Drug Register" and is helpful in preparing documents for import and export of drugs on the basis of predetermined document form.

Includes the whole "Clifar- Drug Register" + program for drawing-up of applications, issuing certificates and writing drug analysis reports. The information system was created with the participation of federal certification agencies and is intended for accredited laboratories and research centers.

Clifar - plug-in module
The new product is designed for quick and seamless installation of "Clifar-Drug Register" reference data into the data systems of the company. Easily combined with "The National Drug Register".

Clifar-Pharmacy and Clifar-Prices
Specialized information resources covering corresponding segments of pharmaceutical market.

All databases are updated no less than once per month providing the users with the latest information on the topic.

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